Three Volvo FM 500 6×2 tag axle tractor units have been ordered by food reprocessing business SugaRich. 

The trio will join a fleet that, until recently, traditionally ran with a rival manufacturer.

However, SugaRich chose Volvo because of the FM’s improved visibility and performance.

The trio of tag axle tractor units will deliver surplus food products to SugaRich’s seven reprocessing mills.

The trucks use Volvo’s D13K engine, which puts out 500hp and offers up to 2,500Nm of torque. 

The 44-tonne FMs are expected to clock-up roughly 200,000km a year for SugaRich.

Ryan Clay, national transport manager, SugaRich, admitted that aftersales support issues also played a part.

“We were keen to get a new marque on board to ensure we always had the back-up we needed,” he explained. 

“Therefore, Volvo was the obvious choice as it is a quality product. 

“We’ve also been impressed with the competitive price it was able to offer us.”

Continuing, Clay also singled out Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East for support.

“These new FMs are very impressive,” he said. 

“The updates to the interior and the cab have taken it up a level for sure. 

“We are confident that they will be more than a match for anything we have run before.” 

The three new trucks all feature a fully digital dashboard, which makes things safer for drivers. 

In other words, the 12in instrument display and a smaller side display provide easy access to the right information. 

Drivers also benefit from the display in other situation, for example, when loading or trying to plan the best route.

“As a business, what we do is really good for the environment so we want to run a sustainable fleet as well,” adds Clay. 

“Therefore, the FM’s fuel efficiency will form an important part of that.”