UK traffic commissioners will once again be the main attraction at Logistics UK’s Transport Manager 2022 autumn conference series.

The events, which will take place from September to December, will update delegates on latest guidance and priorities for the coming year. 

Therefore, it offers a great opportunity for transport managers to maintain their professional knowledge of the sector. 

Transport Manager 2022 will also ensure they remain complaint throughout the coming year. 

Specifically, a traffic commissioner will be present at each of the event locations, with the exception of Belfast.

For that event, there’ll be a presentation by David Mullan, head of the transport regulation unit.

Senior traffic commissioner, Richard Turfitt, stressed the importance of attending the event. 

“Traffic commissioners welcome the opportunity to engage with those CPC holders at the conferences. 

“They are striving to exercise effective and continuous management and meet the current and future challenges in the industry.”

Transport Manager 2022 will be touring 10 venues around the UK from September to December 2022. 

In addition, a virtual event will be included in the event. 

The traffic commissioners might be a bit pull, but there is plenty else to see at the conference. 

For example, sessions will cover a range of topics, including vehicle in-service standards and managing safety technology. 

Meanwhile, the subject of preparing fleets for electrification is an important topic in the proceedings.

However, the programme for the Belfast event will differ slightly, with more details nearer the time.

The first event in the series takes place in Shepton Mallet on 22 September. 

From there, the tour will cover locations such as Newcastle, Peterborough, Falkirk and London.

The Logistics UK team will travel to Wales on 24 November.

For further information,  or to book a place, go here.