Congested roads across England are to be tackled with £165 million of funding, transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin has announced. The statement marks the second tranche of funding from the £190 million Local Pinch Point Fund, first announced in December 2012. A further 62 schemes have now won department funding, bringing the total number of schemes financed by the fund to 72. Combined with local contributions, the total investment rises to more than £300 million.

The successful schemes include improvements and upgrades to vital roads and bridges, new access routes and enhancements to address congestion at local traffic hotspots. Many of the schemes will help enhance provision for buses, as well as improving facilities for cycling and walking.

“This government is taking action on both jobs and growth,” McLoughlin said. “The schemes we have announced are designed to target key Traffic bottlenecks to be tackled bottlenecks around the country, making life easier for the thousands of motorists and businesses who use the local road network every day.

A full list of the successful bids can be found on at

All the schemes for which funding has been confirmed are also receiving funding contributions from the local council or the private sector.