DAF debuts Euro 6 specialsCycle Alert has announced has begun a partnership with The Thompsons Group which will see the British tipper truck bodybuilder offering to install the cyclist alarm devices as standard for owners of all new vehicles – along with an option to retrofit the devices or purchase them through its parts website.

“With the launch of Cycle Alert, Thompsons has an excellent opportunity to make significant breakthroughs in reducing work-related road risk and is leading the way in embracing second-generation technology in this field,” said Scott Burton, managing director, Thompson UK. “We think this could be a real game-changer for our industry.”

Manufactured in the UK, Cycle Alert detects cyclists in proximity to LGVs. The devices are wireless and weatherproof, with a fitting time of 30 minutes.

The system comprises a tag fitted to the cyclist’s bike, wireless low-power sensors on the vehicle and a cab-mounted device to alert the driver via an audio and LED light display.

In addition, the system also facilitates a direct warning from the cyclist straight to the vehicle driver, which the firm said empowers the cyclist to make themselves more visible to commercial vehicles.