Mercedes-Benz is set to launch the third generation of its OM 471 later in 2022.

As a result, trucks with the new engine are available to order now.

The operators who indicate an interest will be taking delivery of the new products from October 2022, according to the OEM.

Daimler Truck’s Karin Rådström said the third generation of the OM 471 will focus on the needs of customers. 

“Our goal was to decrease TCO and reduce fuel consumption,” he explained. 

“Therefore, our customers will benefit, as will the environment.”

Importantly, the new OM 471 unit features innovations to boost efficiency.

For example, the geometry of the piston recess was subjected to an ‘extensive optimisation process’, says the manufacturer. 

In addition, the injection nozzle design and the parameters of the cylinder head relevant for gas exchange underwent the same evaluation. 

As a result, the compression ratio of the six-cylinder engine has been increased from 18.3:1 to 20.3:1. 

Therefore, the third generation OM 471 offers more efficient combustion, with a peak ignition pressure of 250 bar.

Turbocharging is an important part of increasing fuel efficiency.

As a result, the new engine features two new turbochargers. 

The components were developed and manufactured in-house. 

Furthermore, they have been precisely adapted to the broad range of customer requirements. 

Elsewhere, the third generation OM 471 has a newly developed engine oil pressure control valve. 

The valve is installed behind the engine oil pump and in front of the oil thermostat.

Also, a new engine oil with low viscosity enhances oil pressure control. 

Therefore, it improves fuel efficiency without reducing oil change intervals.

Finally, a newly-developed exhaust gas aftertreatment system has been integrated.

The system has been ‘completely revamped on the third generation engine.

As a result, it helps to improve NOx conversion and lower fuel consumption.