An off-road truck has completed Iveco’s heavy vehicle range overhaul.

The wraps have been taken off the T-Way, which has been designed for ‘extreme off-road missions’.

T-Way takes over where Iveco’s Trakker left off and features a number of upgrades.

For example, there is a new automated transmission – Hi-Tronix – developed specifically for off-road mobility.

In addition, there are new rear disc brakes and a heavy-duty rear suspension system for tandem axles.

Meanwhile, inside the cab there are high comfort levels, better connectivity and improved digital services.

The Cursor 13 engine in the T-Way now offers 510hp – 10hp more than the outgoing Trakker.

However, lighter weight configurations of the truck will be available with Iveco’s Cursor 9 powerplant.

The Hi-Tronix ‘box now offers a hill hold function to help departure from steep slopes.

Furthermore, there is a ‘rocking mode’ to recover traction in slippery conditions and a creep mode for low speed when idling.

For onroad driving, Hi-Cruise is available, which offers predictive shifting and cruise control.

Iveco says the new off-road truck is designed to ‘exceed all expectations in productivity, payload capacity, safety and driver comfort’. 

To boost efficiency, there are new telematics features, including a fuel-saving mode when all-wheel-drive is required.

The Hi-Traction hydrostatic drive system is available on 6×4 rigid and all articulated models.

Specifically, it is operational at up to 25km/h, provides additional hydraulic front-wheel traction and can boost help fuel consumption.

Luca Sra, chief operating officer, Iveco, launched the truck via an online event.

“Today we open a new chapter in Iveco’s extraordinary off-road history, with the T-Way,” he said.  

“This extra-strong vehicle will further consolidate Iveco’s presence in the heavy off-road sector.”