One London-based operator has a new flagship vehicle in the form a T480 6×2 from Renault Trucks. 

Supplied to Spartan Transport Limited by approved dealer, Allports Group, the new Renault ticked many boxes.

For example, the performance of the T480 as well as the spacious cab were particularly attractive.

Spartan Distribution’s director, Martin Barron, explained why the new flagship vehicle was such a big deal. 

“We’ve been with a competitor manufacturer for many years,” he said. 

“So, moving to Renault Trucks was a very big change for us. 

“Our partnership with Allports has blossomed over 20 years. 

“Therefore, when they suggested I go and have a look at the T480, I was sold!” 

Barron added that Spartan Transport’s night driver, in particular, was a fan of the T480.

Continuing, he said: “We’ve now got seven Renault Trucks on our fleet, including three 44-tonne tractors.

“In addition, there’s a 12-tonne D rigid and three Renault Trucks Master CitiLoader vans.

“It’s been a big shift to move to a new manufacturer and around 50% of our fleet is now Renault Trucks. 

“However, the vehicles have been worth their weight in gold.”

The new T480 flagship vehicle is working on same-day contracts and is double-shifted, every day, trunking for The Pallet Network. 

Therefore, it is tasked with working on both night and daytime deliveries in London. 

“Our trucks are workhorses – and the Renault trucks handle everything we throw at them,” confirmed Barron.

The new 13-litre T480 comes with a number of additions that will aid efficiency and driver comfort.

For example, there’s Renault’s Fuel Eco Pack, Comfort Pack and luxury heated and vented driver’s seat. 

“I learnt and passed my test in a Renault truck and I find them so easy to drive,” said Barron, who has been behind the trucks’ wheel himself.