scania EGR SCRScania has unveiled more of its Euro 6 engine line-up at the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition. On display were four new nine-litre Euro 6 engines, two with SCR and two with EGR+SCR, as well as the two 13-litre engines introduced in 2011.

The Swedish manufacturer said other Euro 6 engines will be introduced closer to the date when the new standard comes into effect (Euro 6 becomes mandatory on December 31, 2013).

A selection of Scania’s Euro 6 inline engines was shown, ranging from the five-cylinder, 250 bhp powerplant to the six-cylinder, 480 bhp lump. The basis for all of Scania’s Euro 6 engines is the latest modularised 9-, 13- and 16-litre engine platform, providing benefits for customers in terms of easier servicing and parts supply.

SCR aftertreatment alone is used for the new 320 and 360 bhp nine-litre diesel engines, whereas the new 250 and 280 bhp engines have a combined EGR and SCR system, similar to that used on the 13-litre 440 and 480 bhp units. Customers therefore have a choice of SCR or EGR+SCR technology on the nine-litre range.

Scania said the Euro 6 engines feature exceptionally high torque at low revs, which gives them excellent drivability and permits convenient cruising at low revs for maximum fuel economy.

The same compact silencer unit is used for all inline engines, containing an oxicat, a particulate filter, twin SCR catalysts and twin urea slip catalysts. The entire package is just as compact as silencers for earlier emission standards, leaving space for up to 1500 litres of fuel on a tractor unit.