Stobart & Jenkinson side with Scania

Eddie Stobart, AW Jenkinson Forest Products and Scania (Great Britain) have announced the continuation of a joint-procurement agreement which will see 1500 Scania Euro 6 vehicles introduced into the two operators’ fleets during 2014 and 2015.

The agreement, which will see vehicles ordered on an on-going basis throughout the coming 24 months, covers a variety of specifications and applications.

To date, an initial order for 150 chassis has been placed for a mix of 410 bhp G-series 4×2 models with sleeper cabs for the Eddie Stobart fleet, 450 bhp R-series 6×2 tractor units with Highline cabs for AW Jenkinson and a number of 450 bhp R-series sleeper-cabbed 8×2*6 drawbar rigids for specialist operations with Stobart Rail.

“Our decision to continue taking Scania vehicles is based on their proven record within the Eddie Stobart and AW Jenkinson fleets so far, so we saw no reason but to continue this relationship as we enter into the Euro 6 production,” said Stobart Group CEO, William Stobart.