Sprider spreads it out

A new system has been launched that converts an ordinary tipper truck into a complete asphalt/aggregate application system in just 15 minutes. Called the Sprider Asphalt Application System, it is capable of work rates on hand laying of up to 30 tonnes per hour, which, Sprider said, can enable operators to achieve significant cost savings on hand work, paver loading and difficult-to-access application sites. There are two models of Sprider: the M25S is available with a
4.6 m or a 5 m arm, which will give a 40 m2 or a 48 m2 working area; while the model M25E is available with a 4.3 m or a 4.6 m arm, which will give a 32 m2 or a 40 m2 working area. The Sprider’s movements are precision controlled by a specially designed remote control unit, and the same remote control unit can be used to control the truck from the outside if it is equipped with ReCoDrive.