South Lincs Foodservice has taken delivery of two 18-tonne DAF CF rigids equipped with Carrier Transicold Supra 1150 MT units and Eco-Drive systems. This combination allows the units to run via their diesel engine or electrically from power derived from the truck engine itself, creating a hybrid configuration that will help the business reduce fuel consumption and improve fleet sustainability.

“Carrier Transicold has always had a strong presence within our temperature-controlled fleet,” said Damon Ingamells, Head of Operations, South Lincs Foodservice. “So, when the team raised the potential for a hybrid configuration with the Eco-Drive technology, we were immediately interested. This allows us to reduce fuel costs and cut fleet emissions, with the flexibility of being able to revert to the unit’s own power source when required – it really is the ideal solution for our needs.”

Carrier Transicold’s Eco-Drive power module uses a hydraulic pump connected to the truck engine’s power take-off. This drives a generator that delivers the electrical power required for the Supra 1150 MT units, providing 100% refrigeration capacity entirely independent of the truck engine’s speed, which includes when it is idling.

South Lincs Foodservice – part of the Caterfood Buying Group – can opt to run the Carrier Transicold Supra 1150 MT units via their engine at the flick of a switch, providing hybrid flexibility. Regardless of which power configuration is chosen, the Supra 1150 MT always delivers constant airflow, rapid pull-down speeds and accurate multi-temperature set point control.

“Working with forward-thinking companies like South Lincs Foodservice is always rewarding,” said James Bell, Sales and Marketing Director, Carrier Transicold. “And introducing the Eco-Drive technology to the fleet will certainly help unlock new sustainability possibilities for its team.”

The business also protects its latest units with Carrier Transicold’s comprehensive BluEdge fixed-cost full-service maintenance package. This includes annual temperature control testing and certification, full regulatory checks, and access to the company’s oneCALL 24/7 incident management service.

The new Eco-Drives will contribute to Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goal of helping its customers avoid more than one gigaton of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The combination of the Supra 1150 MT and the Eco-Drive allows the temperature-controlled systems to run via their diesel engine, or electrically from power derived from the truck engine itself, creating a hybrid configuration.