T. W. Plummer has taken delivery of a second Volvo FH 500 with I-Save 6×2, after an identical tractor unit impressed. 

Specifically, the “huge fuel savings”, helped by I-Save technology, made all the difference.

The second Volvo FH, like the first, is also equipped with I-Shift dual clutch transmission. 

The Burgess Hill-based haulier runs an exclusive Volvo fleet and used to run trucks with the 540hp engine. 

However, after talking to MC Truck & Bus, it switched to FH trucks with I-Save. 

Jonathan Walker, Owner of T. W. Plummer, said he did his research. 

“We read positive reviews on I-Save and approached Jack at MC Truck to see if it would suit our operation. 

“Having now seen the rewards first-hand, it’s obvious why it received such glowing reports,” he added. 

Continuing, Walker said the previous truck was averaging 9.5mpg.

Therefore, he hopes that the second Volvo FH tractor unit will offer the same fuel benefits. 

“Over the course of a year, it adds up to huge savings for our business,” said Walker.

The Volvo FH with I-Save combines the 500hp Euro 6 engine, with turbo compounding and intelligent software. 

In addition, Volvo’s map-based predictive cruise control, I-See, and I-Cruise with I-Roll is included. 

Finally, the second Volvo FH also features Volvo’s Visibility+ package. 

That means it boasts v-shaped LED headlights, which automatically adjust to ambient light conditions.

The specification of the I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission enables seamless gear changes and smooth acceleration. 

“Once you’ve driven the dual clutch gearbox you can’t go back,” added Walker. 

“It gives you a faster, smoother gear change with no loss of power and therefore, the drivers love it.” 

In addition, they will also love the Globetrotter XL cab, which features a microwave and 33-litre fridge.