Leyland Trucks has started its search for apprentices for 2022. 

Furthermore, the company has revealed it is one of its biggest apprenticeship schemes in recent years. 

Specifically, there are applications open for 22 different roles in manufacturing.

Leyland Trucks is seeking a range of different roles for its apprenticeship scheme.

For example, the search for apprentices includes engineers, mechanics and designers. 

In addition, the company is also on the lookout for ‘clean energy trailblazers’. 

This group of people will earn qualifications while gaining hands-on experience and paid employment.

The scheme is the second year that Leyland Trucks will be offering degree-level apprenticeships.

Meanwhile, previous apprentices have praised the scheme and the opportunities it provided them with.

For example, Luke Pierce (pictured above) is an electrical engineer and designer at Leyland Truck. 

Specifically, the former apprentice began a three-year course with the company in 2017. 

His placement saw him undertake training in areas including vehicle engineering –both electrical and mechanical. 

In addition, he gained experience in design and manufacturing techniques. 

His interest in electrification saw him go on to complete an HNC in electrical engineering, and he’s now studying a degree in the subject.

“I’d been working in vehicle detailing in a car dealership when I applied for my apprenticeship at Leyland Trucks,” said Pierce. 

“I studied engineering at school and the company came up a lot in conversations around future careers in the industry. 

The application process was really straightforward and after passing through the stages involved, I was offered a place.”

Concluding, Pierce said he was grateful for the opportunity.

“Leyland Trucks has such a vast and talented workforce, with ground-breaking work taking place. 

To find out more about the roles available and to download the application form, please visit the website.