Scania Truck Rental has reached the milestone of a quarter of a century in business. 

Established in 1996, Scania Truck Rental provides vehicles on a short and long-term basis.

The business started out in the UK with a fleet of 200 trucks and four offices.

However, today it boasts nearly 1,800 Scania trucks, which are controlled by a network of nine rental locations. 

As a result of this popularity, the business model has been adapted by other global markets. 

“Scania Truck Rental has developed immensely over the years,” said Martin Hay, Managing Director of Scania in the UK.

“It has also provided the first taste of the Scania product to numerous operators, small and large.

Encouragingly, Hay stated that many of those customers have become loyal Scania customers. “We’ve seen numerous fledgling businesses grow their companies using the flexibility Scania Truck Rental provides,” he revealed.

Scania’s rental fleet comprises a broad mix of models.

For example, there is the 44-tonne R 450 6×2/2, available with either a standard or Highline cab.

In addition, there are other 4×2 and six-wheelers available to rent, including ADR vehicles.

The range of engines goes right up to the latest 770hp V8 unit. 

The rigid fleet includes 18-tonne and 26-tonne boxes and curtainsiders. 

Meanwhile, 26-tonne refrigerated trucks and 32-tonne 8×4 tippers and hookloaders are also available.

Four of the nine rental sites are located within the Scania retail network. The others can be found on the premises of independently-owned Scania dealerships.

John Collier, Head of truck rental at Scania, said there’s nothing his team won’t do.  “From one day spot hire to rental contracts of up to 35 months, we place the needs of our customers first every time.”