Scania simplifies tacho data download

Scania has launched a remote tachograph data download service designed to save operators time and money and help maintain
legal compliance.

Available to all UK operators, the Swedish manufacturer’s service allows fully automated remote downloads from both driver cards and vehicle units from anywhere in Europe.

“Every new Scania truck today is fitted with the hardware required for fully automatic downloading and our service has been developed to allow our customers to benefit from this feature,” said David Hickman, director – Services Development & Service Sales for Scania (Great Britain) Ltd. “That said, older Scania vehicles can easily be uprated to enable remote downloading and we can also manage non-Scania tacho data.

“Research has shown half of all operators spend up to an hour per vehicle per month downloading their tachograph data manually. As part of our service, we offer to take charge of an operator’s Company Card, which allows us to validate and download data on their behalf, thereby relieving them of the burden completely,” Hickman added.

All data downloaded remotely is stored on Scania’s secure server. Operators then have the flexibility to use either the manufacturer’s own suite of analysis and reporting tools, or transfer their data to a system of their choosing.

The automatic option downloads driver card data every 21 days. Alternatively, the driver can initiate the process at any time by pressing a download button inside the cab.