Scania Optimises training

By Andy Stewart / Photography Scania

Scania has extended its focus on driver development with the launch of a new service entitled Optimise, which aims to provide ongoing training, advice and assistance to help HGV drivers get the best from their trucks.

Available in three formats – Plus, Premium and Ultimate – Scania said Optimise represents an innovative and flexible approach towards maximising efficiency in operation.

“It is Scania’s long-held belief that the driver is the most important part of the equation when it comes to fuel-efficient operation,” said David Hickman, director – services development & service sales for Scania (Great Britain) Ltd. “Now, and against a background of spiralling operating costs, we are redoubling our efforts in this respect to help our customers minimise their fuel spend.

“As such, Optimise has been formulated to embrace every aspect of driver performance, from fuel-efficient driving tuition and coaching to ongoing and regular follow-up sessions based on each driver’s performance records.

“To ensure the needs of every driver are met, the programme is individually tailored using information generated by the Communicator, the Scania telematics system fitted as standard to all Scania trucks today.”

Each of the three Optimise packages provide drivers with the knowledge required to drive fuel efficiently. Thereafter, each package provides a progressively greater level of ongoing support and follow-up to promote higher standards of driving over the longer term.

“It is our experience that driver training results in a short-term gain, but this is in danger of falling off unless the momentum is maintained,” Hickman said.
“By signing up to regular follow-up sessions, the driver’s knowledge is regularly and repeatedly reinforced to encourage them to keep operating as efficiently as possible – and thereby sustain the performance gains they have made.”