Scania Go is the new way of acquiring premium used vehicles from the Swedish manufacturer.

The system is designed to give customers the ultimate transparency and peace of mind.

For example, there will be vehicles available to suit all budgets and customer requirements.

The vehicles on Scania Go are handpicked and supported by a set of flexible benefits. 

In addition, the process is designed to take the stress out of buying premium used vehicles. 

Vincente Connolly, sales director at Scania UK, explained more: 

“Scania Go will give any of our used vehicle customers the ultimate peace of mind.

“For example, customers love the outstanding quality of their latest Scania purchase. 

“In addition, they will also be supported from day one for as long as they need.” 

In other words, Connolly said that using Scania Go the enables the customers to be in control.

The Scania Go offering supports the full range of vehicles from the manufacturer. 

However, there are two additional features for truck buyers.

Firstly, the ‘Replace Before Failure’ guarantee is preventative maintenance carried ahead of the vehicle being sold. 

Essentially, technicians undertake a 300+ point inspection, replacing selected components approaching the end of their life. 

Secondly, ‘Crystal Clear Grading’ gives transparency about a truck’s age and mileage. 

Essentially, there are three levels to choose from, allowing customers to select their best vehicle for their budget.

Importantly, every Scania Go used vehicle will be treated to a 300+ point mechanical and cosmetic inspection. 

The customer will also be able to tailor their service and maintenance programmes. 

In addition, finance options are available to Scania Go customers. 

Specifically, Scania Financial Services is offering a range of tailored products to suit customer requirements.

Finally, Scania Go is backed up by the UK’s 84 service centres and 20 specialist dealer points.