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A fire in an HGV truck engine or other enclosed compartment can be devastating for both the driver and passengers. It can result in unwanted downtime, bring traffic to a stand-still, loss of expensive cargo, and even destruction of the vehicle.

To make matters worse, many trucks transport dangerous goods, and in the EU, regulations for fire suppression systems are on the horizon.

Most fires in vehicles with combustion engines start in the engine compartment, where a fire may only be discovered once it is ablaze and almost impossible to suppress with a hand-held fire extinguisher.

Thus far, trucks powered by alternative fuels to diesel are still in the minority, but battery-electric commercial vehicles are being deployed in increasing numbers. These, too, carry a risk, and proactive fire suppression is needed.

Fogmaker has decades of experience in designing, building and installing systems for detecting and suppressing fires. These provide the best possible fire protection performance if there is an emergency and is tailored to each truck model and energy source.

Fire suppression test in a simulated engine compartment with a volume of 2.5 m3. The fire source consists of four 20 x 40 cm trays filled with diesel. Diesel spray is also applied at a rate of 2 litres per minute at a pressure of 5 bar. The heat effect reaches approximately 1,600kW. The pictures are taken with 2 second intervals. During the whole interval, 10 seconds, approximately 7 dl suppressant is used.

The specially formulated water-based mist protects engines, hydraulic components, and other similar at-risk areas. The system is always active, fully automatic, and independent of from the vehicle’s electrical power. It has a great cooling effect due to a long emptying time, preventing re-ignition.

The Fogmaker system has many international certifications, and its new Eco1 Fluid is 100% PFAS free, Greenscreen Certified at the silver level, and R107 approved.

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