Safe with snow rubber

Truck tyre manufacturer Continental has produced an updated tyre regulations guide for truck operators travelling to mainland Europe this winter.

Winter tyre regulations differ greatly between countries, and operators that do not comply with local legislation run the risk of incurring costly fines. To help ensure hauliers stay on the right side of the law, the guide includes information for the winter equipment requirements of each European country.

Continental stressed there are some basic requirements all drivers should bear in mind. Tyres across all axle positions should have a minimum tread depth of at least 4 mm, and if winter tyres are not fitted all round, then priority should be given first to the drive axle, then the steer axle and then to all other remaining axle positions

Continental said its SCANDINAVIA range of tyres for trucks, trailers and semitrailers has specific options for the steering, driver and trailer axles. The company said its winter tyres significantly exceed the legal requirements that apply to the M+S (Mud and Snow) symbol in the UK, and go beyond the values of the 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) symbol.

“Our recently updated range of winter tyres will ensure vehicles can operate legally within each country, and with up to 20 per cent more traction, safety and fuel consumption are improved too,” said Tracey Hyem, commercial marketing manager, Continental.

The guide is available from the Continental website at