Norfolk-based Roger Warnes Transport and Prometeon Tyre Group have renewed their 13-year partnership for a further three years. The deal covers the entire fleet of of 108 trucks and 114 trailers – on a fixed pence per kilometre (PPK) contract.

Delivering the length and breadth of the UK, and with customers ranging from sugar beet and animal feed producers to glass manufacturers and local farmers, a large proportion of Roger Warnes’ last mile deliveries are off road; however, its fleet also clocks up plenty of road miles, so its tyres need to be robust, hard wearing and fuel efficient.

“Prometeon’s Pirelli-branded tyres are absolutely perfect for the nature of our bulk haulage operation,” comments Ian Barclay, Operations Director at Roger Warnes Transport. “They’re flexible and robust enough to take any extra pressure when our vehicles are going down rough tracks that might consist of uneven material such as flint or even seashells; and they are equally suitable for our regional deliveries that might involve a long run up the M62 from Norfolk and across to Leeds with a full load of sand.”

With annual mileage of 8.6 million kilometres across its entire fleet, having a cost-effective tyre contract is also vital for Roger Warnes Transport. Under the PPK deal, Prometeon both supplies tyres and provides tyre maintenance.

“We’ve always had a PPK deal with Prometeon, it suits the way we operate. Effectively, Prometeon own the tyre and we pay a monthly fee based upon our usage,” explains Barclay. “It takes away any nasty shocks because we know the upfront price that we’ll be paying, irrespective of whether there is damage or wear and tear.”

Asked why Roger Warnes Transport has remained loyal to Prometeon for the best part of 13 years, Barclay says aside from the products themselves being “wholly fit for purpose”, it’s largely down to the people. “I have never met such enthusiastic and passionate people when it comes to tyres. Nothing is too much trouble, and they always go above and beyond.”

Essentially though, he loves the painless service Prometeon provides. “I want pain free tyre management and Prometeon do that really well. They take all the hassle away – from the selection of the right tyres to the service provision – and in the event that something does go wrong, the service support provided via their network is second-to-none.”

Commenting on the contract renewal, Prometeon National Fleet Manager Wayne Bell, adds: “I’m delighted that Prometeon gets to continue supporting Roger Warnes Transport for all its tyre needs. The 13-year relationship between both parties has grown into a trusted partnership, and I personally enjoy working closely with Ian and his team to ensure a smooth, seamless tyre management experience for the entire fleet.”