RHA starts drug testing

The Road Haulage Association has launched a new Smart Test service aimed at covering all aspects of drug and alcohol screening for haulage operations – including policy writing, sample collection, laboratory analysis, training and education. Provided in conjunction with ScreenSafe, the RHA said members will get special discounted rates and a free, no-obligation consultation with an expert on substance misuse, who will be able to tailor a solution to their needs.

“Drug and alcohol problems are serious health and safety issues for the workplace, and especially for safety-critical jobs such as people with the responsibility for driving tens of thousands of miles a year in vans, trucks and lorries,” said ScreenSafe’s Sue Carter. “A report last year estimated one million workers were taking drugs.”

The 1992 Transport and Works Act makes it a criminal offence for certain workers to be unfit to work as a result of drugs and/or alcohol. Employers can also be prosecuted unless they can prove they have carried out all due diligence in trying to prevent such an offence being committed.

“Well-considered, legally correct and properly implemented policies protect not only an employer, but also their employees,” Carter said. “The RHA Smart Test is an example of a best-practice model that other employers and trade associations should consider.”