Fuel is a key component and large expense of operating HGVs, so no transport company can afford not to regularly review their fuel strategy.

Scrutinising all aspects of fuel buying and usage will pay dividends. We are offering all members the free, no obligation opportunity to take The Fuel Card Challenge, just by answering a few questions our fuel experts will share any recommendations that may improve your fuel strategy, and which could save you time and money. 

To ensure we are fully supporting our members, the RHA Fuel Card, in partnership with The Fuel Card Company, has undergone a stringent review. 

As it always has been, the RHA Fuel Card is based on fixed weekly prices tracking the wholesale base rate where diesel is concerned and, because this has been negotiated on behalf of RHA members, prices will never be changed to ‘gain margin’. Plus, it is no longer a one size fits all offer but is now a flexible product that can be tailored to a member’s individual operational fuel needs. Several board and regional council members have advised how they are very pleased with the recent results

Prices offered will depend on volume and the number of local or nationwide locations where fuel is required. Larger users can request a complete review of their fuel requirements to create a bespoke solution; however, a similar fuel review can be conducted for all businesses.

Along with crucially important consistent pricing, there are no set up fees or contracts, and invoices are HMRC approved. Companies will have greater control over purchases plus access to intelligent reports monitoring fuel, transactions, performance and fraud – making the RHA Fuel Card a vital tool for any business looking to drive down their fuel costs.

Challenge us to save you money!

If you are looking for control and cost savings on your fuel spend contact the team today on 0845 270 1612 to take The Fuel Card Challenge to review your fuel strategy.