The future of regional transport solutions from Scania has been revealed by the Swedish manufacturer.

It has announced new battery electric trucks, as well as a fresh approach to sales.

As a result, Scania hopes to encourage more regional transport operators to go electric in the near future.

The new trucks come with an improved driveline, batteries and charging capability.

They will be available in R and S sleeper cabs and as a 4×2 tractor or as 6×2*4 rigid.

In addition, Scania says it will support customers by being their single point of contact. 

Christian Levin, CEO of Scania, hailed the news as “a major milestone” for the truck manufacturer and its partners. 

“We are now increasing our range and offering new opportunities to cater for a wider selection of customers and the whole transport ecosystem. 

“These trucks are part of the solu­tion that the transport industry is asking for,” he stated. 

The new trucks for the regional transport sector are build on Scania’s core principles.

That means modu­larity, sustainability and a total operating economy. 

Scania said the new models have ‘the potential to match or exceed what can be expected from conventional combustion engine trucks’.

Meanwhile, there are changes for Scania customers when it comes charging, finance, insurance and maintenance. 

Fredrik Allard, senior vice president and head of electrification at Scania, explained more. 

“The addition of these solutions is a major step-change for customers who want to take charge,” he said.

“We are facilitating a transition for our customers by including values they deem important.

Continuing, Allard said Scania had “reached a maturity” with its electric range of trucks. 

“We can now offer a sustainable and multi-faceted portfolio of zero-emission solutions for our customers,” he stated.

 Regional transport tech

The trucks’ batteries have been improved, with 624kWh packs installed, each assembled in-house at Scania. 

In addition, the heating and cooling system has been reworked to maintain the powertrain’s and battery pack’s optimum operating temperature. 

It also allows drivers to have greater control of the temperature in the cabin.

Driving range is dependent on a number of factors, such as weight and configuration and topography.

However, a 4×2 tractor with six batteries will be able to do up to 350km between charges, travelling at an average speed of 50mph. 

The charging capability has been increased up to 375kW, which means that after an hour of charging it can add up to 300km of range.