The battery-powered vehicle family from Renault Trucks has undergone a range expansion.

Specifically, an 18-tonne D Wide Z.E has joined the line-up.

The new truck joins the 16- and 26-tonne D Z.E. and D Wide Z.E. models.

In addition, Renault Trucks is also offering a wider range of wheelbases and special connectivity for refrigerated bodies.

The 18-tonner is equipped with a two-axle chassis for improved manoeuvrability. Therefore, it is seen a ideal for temperature-controlled distribution, with an optimised payload.

Furthermore, the French manufacturer has designed a new system to increase the energy efficiency. 

The new technology will be relevant to all-electric trucks equipped with a refrigerated body.

All of the D Z.E. and D Wide Z.E trucks are now available with a fridge-connection option. 

This unit supplies the energy required for the refrigeration system directly from the vehicle’s 600V traction batteries.

Meanwhile, Renault Trucks has also extended the range of wheelbases available for the D and D Wide Z.E. 

They now go from 3900mm to 6800mm, which improves manoeuvrability and optimises load distribution. 

In addition to distribution, Renault Trucks expects strong interest from other sectors.

For example, light construction, building supplies and skip operators are keen on the models. 

The range expansion will help these sectors offer the best possible service to urban customers.

Renault Trucks has offered the widest all-electric range on the market since 2020.

Finally, serial production of the 18-tonne D Wide Z.E. will take place at Renault Trucks’ Blainville-sur-Orne plant (Calvados). 

The D Z.E. and D Wide Z.E. have been manufactured at that site since 2020.

The 18 tonne D Wide Z.E. is available to order now.