It’s full steam ahead for the North Yorkshire Moors project following the delivery of two 20m-long bridge sections by Collett.

The pieces delivered are part of the ‘Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey’ initiative.

Specifically, the £10 million project is designed to ensure future generations can enjoy the 180-year-old-line.

Collett was appointed by Volkerlaser and tasked with delivering two bridges from Northallerton’s Allerton Steel. 

From there, the sections were taken via BAW Coatings in Sheffield. 

Finally, they were delivered to the Goathland construction site. 

The two bridge sections were 50-tonnes and 46-tonnes respectively.

In addition, they measured 21m and 25m.

As a result, Collett was required to provide transport solutions to safe delivery of the iconic cargoes.

The coating process was completed in February, which is when the 200-mile journey began. 

Understandably, the sections were loaded to extendable rear steer flat-bed trailers.

The two sections left on consecutive days and it was full steam ahead.

In addition, both were accompanied by Collett’s escort vehicles for delivery direct to site.  

Furthermore, the Collett team had to perform intricate manoeuvres.

For example, firstly exiting the coating facility. 

And, more skill was required on arrival at the Goathland delivery site due to the narrow rural access.  

Following the removal of the old bridges 24 and 25, each of the cargoes were lifted from Collett’s trailers.

Then, they were installed over the Eller Beck ensuring that this section of the railway can continue to be used by passenger trains hauled by heavy steam engines. 

Finally, the project was made possible thanks to generous funding from a range of sources.

For example, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, the EU, NYMR’s Local Enterprise Partnership all contributed. 

In addition, there were many donations from supporters of the project. 

The line is set to be completed in April 2022.