Iveco has joined self-driving truck technology provider Plus as its European partner.

Initially, the first job will be a pilot programme in Europe and China for autonomous truck technology. 

Specifically, the work will involve validation and integration of Plus’s system.

Therefore, Iveco – as European partner – will bring an S-Way (pictured above) truck to aid the development.

The S-Way will be used across a wide range of environments and driving conditions.

For example, testing will include having a driver onboard, up to Level 4 autonomous driving. 

As a result, Plus and Iveco will be able to gather data and validate the design that of S-Ways autonomous production.

Marco Liccardo, chief technology and digital officer at Iveco, explained the role of European partner.  

“Plus has developed a clear and compelling strategy to launch a driver-in solution first and then a Level 4 autonomous truck. 

“This approach is in line with our customer-centric view of a more automated and safe truck.”

Continuing, Liccardo said that improving productivity and reducing operating costs were common goals between the two companies.

“We have always emphasized the need for expansive testing to validate an autonomous driving system,” said Shawn Kerrigan, Co-founder of Plus. 

“It needs to be able to handle diverse weather, terrains, and driving scenarios. 

“As a result, this pilot will accelerate our efforts to start production of autonomous trucks.”

Meanwhile, Iveco has also signed a deal with Air Liquide to work on hydrogen innovations.

Therefore, the two companies will be looking to accelerate the development of the mobility offering in Europe. 

Both partners will study the roll-out of heavy-duty fuel-cell electric long-haul trucks. 

In addition, they will investigate the deployment of a network of hydrogen refuelling stations.

Finally, both companies will jointly promote initiatives to encourage hydrogen mobility.