PCN rise feeds cashhungry councils

New figures obtained from the government via a Freedom of Information request have shown motorists are paying more than £30 million a month in parking fines.

The most recent statistics revealed 890,000 parking tickets are being issued by councils across the UK every month, equivalent to 1200 an hour – and the City of Westminster was the worst offender.

According to the figures, which were obtained by the FTA, parking wardens in the City of Westminster are the busiest in the country, handing out an average of 1269 parking fines a day.

FTA’s own PCN Survey revealed a 50 per cent leap in the number of penalty charge notices (PCNs) being issued in London. It also found 27 firms surveyed had paid £2.9 million in fines in 2012 – and a rise in costs which was directly related to the increase in the number of PCNs issued on London roads.

The report showed one-third of the enforcement authorities accounted for nearly all PCNs issued (80 per cent), with the London Borough of Westminster, London Borough of Camden, City of London and Transport for London more likely to issue PCNs to operators than other London boroughs.