An overwhelming majority of those polled for an RHA survey have said it is time to change Driver CPC. 

In fact, just 4% of members believe that Driver CPC should remain in its current state.

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that a third of drivers widely disliked the system and some wanted it scrapped.

However, almost two-thirds (62%) said they instead wanted to reform the system. 

That view is shared by RHA, which believes that the CPC is ‘in the interest of road safety’. 

Therefore, the association says it’s important that an effective and high-quality Driver CPC is retained.

Meanwhile, the survey revealed that more than two-thirds (67%) believe the courses are too long. 

As a result, they argued shorter sessions should be allowed, as well as practical elements. 

Also, it was said that tests should form part of the assessment, replacing one or two modules.

The RHA’s policy lead on skills at the RHA, Sally Gilson, responded to the results, including that overwhelming majority who reject it. 

“Creating a Driver CPC that drivers have bought into is crucial for retaining an experienced workforce,” she said.

“Driver CPC can prompt early retirements with drivers that could have continued to work part time. 

“As a result, this would give businesses valuable access to a temporary workforce during seasonal peaks.”

However, many drivers aruged that the qualification should be for ‘new drivers only’.

For example, one said: “Drivers who have had their licence over five years should be able to do one day every three years. 

Continuing, they argued that it should be used to brush up on any new rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, another driver commented: “The whole system needs a complete revamp or preferably abolished. 

“It should be down to the employer to ensure drivers are kept up to date.”