The European electric truck market is being led by Volvo, which now has a market share of 42%.

Specifically, the company took orders for more than 1,100 electric trucks around the world.

Therefore, Volvo is well placed in the market as it undergoes a transformation to alternative powertrains.

The electric truck market in Europe is leading the way on a global scale.

For example, there is an ever-increasing number of all-electric heavy trucks on the region’s roads.

However, the numbers are still relatively small, compared with traditional diesel-powered models.

In other words, while there is progress, it is relatively slow going.

Therefore, the numbers tell a story, but things are moving in the right direction.

The data from IHS Markit show a total of 346 electric trucks (≥16 tonnes) were registered in Europe in 2021. 

Encouragingly, that’s an increase of 193% from 2020. 

Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks said it was news to be celebrated.

“We are determined to drive the electric truck market revolution,” he commented. 

“Our market leading position in Europe is proof that we are doing just that. 

“Even if volumes are still low, we see rapidly growing interest in Europe, North America and other parts of the world.”

Meanwhile, Christian Coolsaet, MD, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, estimates the UK would likely rank no higher than eighth in the table. 

That is despite the region being one of the largest commercial vehicle markets in Western Europe.

“It’s clear that the UK Government needs a more robust strategy to drive the change to e-mobility for HGVs,” he said. 

“Other countries have put far more on the table to support operators in making the switch.” 

For example, he cited the example of Norway, where there is state funding for electric trucks.