North America seems to be the place to be if you’re into autonomous trucks.

For example, Volvo Autonomous Solutions recently revealed a long-haul self-driving truck there.

In addition, PACCAR and FedEx revealed news of field trials between Dallas and Houston.

The Volvo news centres around the truck manufacturer’s partnership with Aurora.

Bothe companies have agreed to work on on-highway autonomous trucks for North America. 

As a result, the long-haul VNL model has been revealed.

The new vehicle comes equipped with Aurora Driver technology.

Nils Jaeger, president of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, hailed the very important step in the project.

“Volvo Autonomous Solutions is proud to take our first, major steps toward the autonomous Volvo VNL in North America,” he said.

“Our customer base and their priorities are at the forefront of our path forward in shaping autonomous trucking. 

“In addition, we strongly believe in a future in which safe, sustainable, efficient transport solutions are essential for any society to prosper. 

Therefore, he stated, autonomous commercial trucking was an important piece of that transformation.

Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Aurora will continue to develop the truck.

Specifically, the next step will be identifying routes for on-road testing in North America.

Meanwhile, DAF’s parent company PACCAR has also been helped by Aurora.

Furthermore, transport and logistics company FedEx is also involved.

PACCAR autononomous trucks will run a 400km route between Dallas and Houston.

Specifically, the aim of the the trial is to help improve road safety and transport efficiency.

The self-driving trucks will transport goods for FedEx along public highways.

For example, the important I-45 route will be used.

However, there will be a driver in the cab at all time.

Thereby guaranteeing road safety at all times.

Although the tests are in North America, other regions – including Europe – will benefit from the work.