Next-generation tyre technology for commercial vehicles is set to provide operator with valuable information. 

Goodyear and Gatik have demonstrated a route to safer and more sustainable goods movement with the innovation. 

Specifically, in a proof of concept, intelligent tyres powered by Goodyear SightLine technology can accurately estimate tyre-road friction potential. 

As a result, they can provide real-time information to Gatik’s automated driving system (ADS). 

Therefore, fleet managers will have access to critical data, which can help enhance vehicle safety and performance. 

Furthermore, the information provided by the new tyre technology, will also increasing efficiency across the fleet.

Goodyear and Gatik recently deployed road-friction detection capabilities in Canada through continuous measurement of tyre sensor-derived information. 

This information is paired with other vehicle data and connected to Goodyear’s cloud-based proprietary algorithms.

Friction estimates from Goodyear’s SightLine solution were successfully able to detect low grip conditions, for example snowy or icy conditions. 

This information was available to Gatik’s autonomous fleet, enhancing safety and performance for Gatik’s commercial Canadian operations.

Road-friction tyre data offers a number of advantages to fleets and drivers.  

For example, it can help enable smoother, safer and more sustainable driving. 

Furthermore, this critical information can help autonomous vehicles in terms of path planning and safe driving speeds.

Goodyear SightLine technology is designed to measure the tyre wear state, load, inflation pressure and temperature. 

Essentially, it combines that with real-time road-weather data and proprietary rubber friction models to estimate tyre-road friction potential. 

With this information, Gatik’s fleet was able to safely and efficiently respond to challenging conditions. 

However, while the technology has benefits for autonomous trucks, it will also be seen on today’s vehicles.

“This new level of data sophistication can communicate vital information to the vehicle, enhancing safety and performance,” said Goodyear’s Chris Helsel.