New Stralis eco package

Iveco is launching a new Stralis Efficiency Package which it said is aimed at reducing total operating costs by lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Following the EcoStralis’s path, subsequently continued by the Euro 6 Stralis Hi-Way, which Iveco said has led to an overall fuel reduction of 10 per cent compared with the 2007 Stralis, the Italian manufacturer said an additional reduction of two per cent is possible with the package.

All Stralis vehicles with Cursor 11 and 13 engines and auto ’boxes will now feature Eco-Roll, which enables the vehicle to use inertia to its advantage when travelling on gentle downhill slopes. The vehicles will also boast improved thermal management of engine oil and will use a new synthetic lubricant to improve efficiency.

In addition, Iveco’s Driving Style Evaluation (DSE), already fitted on Stralis tractors equipped with Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 engines, will now also be available on 4×2 and 6×2 cab vehicles – and will soon be extended to vehicles fitted with Cursor 9 engines.

Iveco said the replacement interval for the particulate filter (DPF) has also been extended from 450,000 to 600,000 km for Cursor 11 and 13 engines, to lower maintenance costs. Finally, an additional 260-litre rear fuel tank for 4×2 and 6×2 Stralis tractors is now on offer to bring vehicle fuel capacity up to a maximum of 1580 litres. Iveco reckons its new package can generate average savings of €4500 (£3570) over three years on operating costs, based on an average annual mileage of 150,000 km.