The new FORS Standard will be published on the 19 October, the organisation has announced.

In addition, the implementation date for the new Standard will be 1 July 2022.

A series of live webinars for will run during the autumn to explain the updated document.

These events will be free-to-attend for all FORS members.

Version 6 of the FORS Standard was due to be issued in 2020.

However, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic it was delayed.

As a result, the new FORS standard will come into force next year instead.

The latest publication has been helped by collaboration and communication with industry.

For example, there has been feedback from the FORS helpline.

In addition, technical input comes from FORS’ Standard review working group and the Governance and Standards Advisory Group (GSAG). 

The five online webinars will be presented by FORS Governance and Standards, who are responsible for the new FORS Standard.

Furthermore, other FORS representatives will also be available during Q&A sessions.

FORS’ Mark Chapman said the update was intended to be “a pragmatic and incremental change” from the current version. 

“It’s designed to be manageable by the industry during this particularly challenging period,” he added.

“The series of webinars will explain the updates to the FORS Standard.

“In addition, they will provide FORS members with an overview of these changes at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.” 

The 60-minute sessions will offer an important opportunity to connect with the wider FORS community.

 Meanwhile, Sonia Hayward, FORS Manager, stressed the importance of the webinars. 

“Members will obviously be keen to find out about the changes and how to demonstrate compliance. 

“These online sessions will provide an ideal opportunity for our members to hear first-hand what the changes are.”