New app leads the way

Italian truck-maker Iveco is aiming to help truck drivers around the country to find their nearest services at the tap of a finger, following the release of a free iPhone and Android app called Hi-Stop.

With a map function which shows every truck stop service station within a 50-mile radius of the users’ location, Hi-Stop also lists the key amenities available at each particular stop.

An online directory enables users to find truck stops by region, road or alphabetically. The app also has quick links to Iveco’s Twitter feed and website.

Nigel Emms, director of press & PR at Iveco UK, said: “We’re delighted to launch our new app in conjunction with the UK debut of the new Stralis range. We hope as many drivers as possible take advantage of the service.”

The Stralis Hi-Way replaces the previous Stralis Active Space and Active Space Super³ models, and is designed as a highly competitive proposition for long-haul UK and international haulage, with one of the most modern premium cabs available on the market. It is joined at launch by the Stralis Hi-Road, in place of the previous Active Time model, and the Stralis Hi-Street, which represents the day cab model aimed at short-haul distribution.