Natural gas benefits for truck fleets have been touted for many years by many manufacturers.

Therefore, Iveco has decided to raise the profile of natural gas further. 

As a result, it has introduced the ‘Iveco Ambassadors’ programme.

The company says the programme will ‘give a voice’ to those who share the brand’s values.

Furthermore, it will recognise their actions in those areas.

The first ambassadors have been chosen for sharing Iveco’s beliefs in natural gas benefits.

For example, they include fleet operators who run LNG and bio-LNG vehicles.

The project is currently being run in markets where natural gas is most widely available.

Therefore, there are potential ambassadors in Italy, France and the UK.

Meanwhile, Iveco has introduced another project to highlight it’s efforts to reduce carbon.

Plant The Future is a partnership with reforestation organisations who will plant Iveco forests. 

A tree will be planted in Germany for every new S-Way natural gas truck and every used Stralis NP sold.

This initiative is part of the ‘Plant My Tree’ reforestation project, created to offset carbon emissions. 

In addition, Iveco will partner with Treedom to plant 300 trees around the world.

The OEM says that 30 trees will be planted in Italy, with a number dedicated to Iveco Ambassadors.

Giandomenico Fioretti, head of alternative propulsion at Iveco, said natural gas had a big role to play in the future. 

“This alternative propulsion technology is the mature solution available today.” 

Continuing, he added that the impact would be even stronger with biomethane.

“Today, biomethane accounts for 17% of natural gas used in transport,” he revealed. 

“Its use is set to grow significantly in the coming years, as new fuelling stations come on stream.” 

In conclusion, Fioretti said the Iveco Ambassador programme would increase awareness of natural gas benefits.