Moving wall cuts cleaning time

Schmitz Cargobull has introduced a new pivoting circulation wall for its S.KO COOL reefer trailers which is claimed to reduce average cleaning times from approximately 15 minutes, to just one minute.

Food transport requires the highest hygiene standards in the cargo area, and when trailers are being used to carry sensitive goods such as hanging meat, the necessary regulations can only be fulfilled through frequent cleaning immediately after unloading. For some operators carrying multiple loads during a given shift, this can mean the cleaning cycle must be repeated several times per day.

Disassembling the standard circulation wall in a reefer trailer takes approximately 15 minutes. But thanks to the new pivoting circulation wall, Schmitz Cargobull said it can reduce this time to roughly one minute for a typical driver.

The new circulation wall can be installed in all of the manufacturer’s S.KO COOL refrigerated trailers capable of being fitted with a fixed wall, regardless of the trailer height or the make of refrigeration unit specified.

Derek Skinner, technical director at Schmitz Cargobull UK, said: “The faster cleaning process stands to save fleets a significant amount of time.”