Scania technician Craig Moore has been named 2023 irtec Technician of the Year at a recent awards ceremony.

The Edinburgh-based field technician was recognised for his efforts within Scania, where he started as an apprentice. 

In addition, it’s two in two years for Scania after Steven Clark, from Scania Eurocentral, won in 2021.

Moore joined Scania in 2012 and his work has taken him all over the world, for example Australia.

He spent 18 months down under, developing skills to strip, fix and rebuild engines and gearboxes.

Therefore, when he returned to the UK, he was keen to share his newfound knowledge with his colleagues. 

In fact, he subsequently built a reputation across Scania UK as a ‘go-to’ man to solve problems in Scania’s Power Solutions division.

The Scania technician has also worked with the company’s technical team helping other technicians deal with issues around the world.

After the awards ceremony, the Scania technician said he was “over the moon” to claim the big prize.

“For me, I love my job,” he said. 

“I get satisfaction from knowing that you’re the one that helped someone in need when they required help the most.”

Meanwhile, Paul Smith, interim dealer director for Scania Scotland, said the team is “incredibly proud” of Moore. 

“He will help and guide his colleagues on how to complete difficult fault-finding tasks,” explained Smith.

“Some of the things he’s done is incredible at such a young age. 

“He is undoubtedly a shining example of the talent we have throughout the Scania UK network.”

Continuing, Smith said that Moore proved the value of Scania’s apprenticeship scheme.

 Finally, Steve Oakley, the Swedish manufacturer’s technical manager in the UK, shared his thoughts. 

“Craig is an exceptional and talented engineer. 

“Nothing phases him, and he will turn his hand to absolutely anything.”