Mirror team reflects on safety award

The team behind the new Volvo FH exterior rearview mirrors has picked up the manufacturer’s Internal Safety Award.

The mirrors on the new FH feature slim housings to reduce driver- and passenger-side blindspots. Upright A-pillars and the location of the mirrors provide a significant safety improvement compared to the previous model, and we praised the design in our review of the truck (December 2012 issue).

“Since winning the award, we’ve never looked back,” joked Asok George, chief designer exterior, “but on reflection we now feel a new standard for visibility has been set.”

Volvo said the front corners of the cab are among the most complex areas of the cab design. Requirements of visibility in the mirrors, cab strength, soiling, vibrations and aerodynamic properties must be fulfilled at the same time as the blindspots are minimised.

The manufacturer said it’s in-house developed Vision Tool was an important contributor to the new design, which enables simulations at an early stage to optimise mirror positions with direct and indirect vision in mind.