Family-run G.S. Davies & Son ensures maximum comfort for its drivers when making additions to its fleet.

As a result, it has specified Volvo’s Drive++ package on the company’s latest recruit: an FH Globetrotter 6×2.

The Drive++ package enhances the in-cab working environment, therefore making drivers feel more at home. 

Adrian Davies, director at G. S. Davies & Son, said he appreciates how hard truck drivers work. 

In addition, he recognises they are in demand, so wants his staff to get the best kit possible. 

“That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile in fitting our latest truck with a comfortable specification,” he expained. 

“We hope that this approach will not only make our drivers’ lives easier but also potentially attract new talent, should we ever need to.” 

As part of the manufacturer’s Drive++ package, the FH is fitted with a number of creature comforts. 

For example, drivers can enjoy leather upholstery, dual armrests on both seats and an adjustable steering wheel. 

Meanwhile, the big cab’s maximum comfort claim is helped with an under-bunk mounted 33-litre fridge. 

Finally, the FH comes with Volvo’s Media package with navigation, which includes a high-performance 12-inch fully dynamic instrument cluster.

The firm’s new FH is powered by Volvo’s D13K Step E engine, producing 500hp and 2,500Nm of torque. 

This engine is paired with Volvo’s proven automated 12-speed I-Shift transmission for smoother and faster gear changes. 

Safety-wise, there’s collision warning technology, advanced emergency braking and lane departure warning systems.

Expected to cover 100,000km a year, the company’s new FH joins four other Volvo tractor units on the fleet.

It will operate five days a week, working across the north west of England and further afield.

Concluding, Davies said: “Our other Volvos boasted very strong reliability records; we’ve no doubt that our latest addition will perform just as well.”