On Friday 12th February, RTITB launched its new HGV Driver Training Standard, the first of its kind in the HGV driver training profession.

RTITB set out the desire behind the creation of the Standard which was to create a marketplace where everyone knows what high quality HGV driver training looks like and how to find it.
The Driver Training Standard has been created to help improve and maintain standards in truck licence acquisition training so that purchasers of the courses can have confidence in what they are buying.  The Standard provides an audit-based approval system that checks the standards of instructors, vehicles and premises and provides all approved organisations with dedicated training materials, resources and support for HGV instructors.

A licence acquisition training course currently costs around £2000-£3000, with only a 52% (approx.) first time pass rate, it’s a big gamble. RTITB aims to have an overall first time pass rate of 75% for training conducted by Standard approved organisations.

“The new Driver Training Standard will greatly benefit drivers, employers, and the transport industry as a whole, particularly as part of the solution to the ongoing skilled driver shortage” says Laura Nelson, Managing Director of RTITB.

“This is the first time such a standard has been set. It is designed to improve the quality of the training learners receive. The standard ensures drivers are taught to be safe and productive at work, and provides a benchmark to measure the training given. It will also help identify organisations which provide good quality training and deliver more than the minimum required to gain a ‘pass’ on the DVSA test. Just look for the stamp of approval.” adds Laura Nelson.

The courses delivered are structured around the four modules required for vocational LGV licence acquisition and was developed in conjunction with industry experts, logistics employers (both large and SMEs) and highly experienced and professional training providers.

Using a Standard approved training organisation provides assurance that training will be conducted to a high standard; just look for the logo.

To purchase Standard approved HGV licence acquisition training please call +44 (0)1952 520200 (option 6) or email with details of your requirements.  
For more information about the standard please visit