LWC Drinks to Isuzu

The latest 11-tonne rigid to go into service with drinks distribution company LWC Drinks marks the 45th new Isuzu in the Manchester-based company’s 105-strong fleet. The vehicle, already in operation, is delivering kegs, cases, wines and spirits to customers nationwide. LWC Drinks Ltd is a long-standing customer of Isuzu Truck, having purchased its first vehicle in 2004. The company said Isuzu’s proven reputation for unrivalled payload and vehicle reliability has ensured the marque has consistently featured in the drink company’s fleet over the past eight years.

According to LWC Drinks’ transport manager, Dave Barnes: “We aim to get the maximum amount out of all our distribution vehicles, in terms of a reliable performance over a long vehicle life. The Isuzus have been outstanding performers for sure. In fact, one of our first Isuzus is still running in the fleet after eight years of extremely hard toil.”