Longer trucks could soon become a more common sight on UK roads, thanks to a government decision.

In fact, the extended vehicles could become a permanent fixture as early as next year.

The news comes after DfT published a response to its consultation on longer semi-trailers

Furthermore, it comes after a nine-year trial of the vehicles, which measure up to 15.65m.

Specifically, the report found that the longer trucks were safer and more economical. 

In addition, the report concluded they were better for the environment.

Therefore, the DfT will consider the use of longer trucks outside trial conditions.

The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, explained the decision.

“This government is committed to fighting climate change and decarbonising our transport network. 

“And we are working at pace to achieve net zero by 2050.

“Today’s announcement is a vital step forwards as we work to introduce more environmentally friendly freight.”

The trials reported a reduction in the number of trucks making journeys across the country. 

Specifically, there was an average 8% reduction in miles covered by freight. 

In addition, there was 6.2% reduction in pollutants expelled. 

Meanwhile, the report also found the use of LSTs reduced the number of road traffic collisions.

The news was welcomed by the RHA’s Rod McKenzie.

“We have fully supported these trials since they were first proposed. 

“Many of our members took part in the trials and all were very positive about the concept.  

It’s good to see the Government has listened to the RHA and its members.”

Concluding, McKenzie said: “We look forward to seeing these proposals progress not just in England but also in the devolved nations.”