When it needed to up its safety levels in London, Gold Fish Transport found that Mercedes-Benz had the answer.

Better visibility, which is essential in the capital was provided in the form of the German manufacturer’s Econic.

The construction materials distributor runs a fleet of 30 trucks from its base in Brentwood, Essex. 

The Mercedes-Benz trucks are the first sourced from the manufacturer by Gold Fish Transport.

Specifically, one is a 26-tonner, the other has an 18-tonne gross weight.

With safety a priority, the Econic receives maximum 5-star ratings from TfL’s Direct Vision Standard scheme.

For example, the driver sits much lower than in a conventional truck. 

As a result, they can make direct eye contact with vulnerable road users at junctions and in traffic.

Other safety benefits in the Economic are more apparent, for example, a deep panoramic windscreen and folding passenger door.

Gold Fish Transport went for Econics powered by a 7.7-litre in-line six-cylinder engines. 

The 6×2 2630 L’s produces 300 hp, while the smaller 4×2 1827 L offers 272hp. 

Both drive through 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated manual transmissions. 

Meanwhile, the platform bodies were built in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, by ZJB Engineering.

The Mercedes-Benz Econic has long been the refuse chassis of choice for many local authorities and waste and recycling specialists. 

However, the enhanced visibility the vehicle offers mean it has attracted the attention of construction and distribution firms.

Gold Fish Transport director, Lee Nix, confirmed the main reasons for choosing Econics. 

“These trucks are working almost exclusively in London, where they deliver to major construction and civil engineering sites.”

“Our drivers tell us the biggest issue they face is dealing with pedestrians and cyclists,” revealed Nix. 

“We were determined to choose vehicles best-suited to working on busy streets.

“The Econic fits that bill perfectly,” he said.