As representative bodies of the logistics industry, both the RHA and Logistics UK welcome that Transport for London’s (TfL) new DVS plans will be subject to review by London Councils before implementation.

Following campaigning from RHA and Logistics UK, Transport for London (TfL) will now be required to provide a market readiness report to London Councils to assess the industry’s ability to deliver the latest proposals for the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) before a decision to go ahead is made. This review will consider amongst other matters whether an extended grace period is needed before the new DVS scheme is implemented.

The review is needed as significant questions remain over what the final DVS requirements will be. This includes the future status of kits, investments already made to ensure lorries are compliant and why potentially all existing kit will need to be replaced at potentially high costs to operators who have already invested significantly in good faith. Logistics businesses operate on very narrow margins and cannot afford to repeat these costs at a time when inflation and vehicle operating costs have risen, while also investing to meet the net-zero by 2050 deadline.

Both associations are disappointed that, during the consultation process earlier this year, TfL did not release detailed technical specifications that could have resolved these issues. We are deeply concerned that TfL has a poor understanding of the lead-in times required, and the basis on which TfL are making decisions is not clear.

The industry supports the Mayor’s Vision Zero road safety strategy including continuous improvements to ensure the safe operation of vehicles. However, alongside the safe operation of vehicles within London, it is crucial that the well-being of our vital businesses are factored in.

Both RHA and Logistics UK will continue to communicate with, and represent, members as this process continues.