Knapen goes Dutch with trailer firstThe Netherlands-based manufacturer Knapen Trailers has supplied the country’s first four-axle walking-floor trailer to operator Transportbedrijf A. Krol.

According to Knapen, the operator required a special trailer to transport waste and compost with the greatest possible loading capacity, and which would also protect the firm from fines for overloaded axles as a result of a poor weight distribution.

The most common practice is to pair a three-axle truck with a three-axle trailer. But the firm said this set-up didn’t suit its operation as it meant the trailer would have to be loaded as much as possible at the front.

As a result, Krol specified a two-axle truck with a four-axle trailer, which it said more suited its operation as it offered better axle distribution along the length of the load.

The fourth axle under the trailer is steerable, as well as being a lift axle. The trailer therefore steers forwards and backwards like a three-axle trailer. In addition, the first axle is also designed as a lift axle.

Krol also opted for a remote control which can be used to operate not just the moving floor, but also the lift axle and the lights.

Knapen Trailers said it had been supplying four-axle trailers to Scandinavia for many years, but this was its first model to hit the road in The Netherlands.