A traffic management truck that promises to be safer than the rest has been unveiled by Kier Highways.

The vehicle was a result of Kier’s collaboration with vehicle conversion and ergonomics specialists.

For example, the company called on Massey Truck Engineering to transform the standard vehicle.

Meanwhile, ergonomic work was helped by the Royal Navy and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF). 

As a result, the new traffic management truck claims to be more than 20 times safer than Kier’s current fleet.

The new design eliminates 21 day-to-day hazards. 

For example, there is now safe stowage of road cones, sign frames and sign plates. 

Meanwhile, there is improved access and egress to the body area through designated steps.

The 18-tonne traffic management truck will be hit the roads by January 2022. 

Furthermore, it will be powered by HVO fuel, cutting emissions by up to 90%.

The low entry cab vehicle allows access and exit from either side avoiding the live side of traffic. 

Importantly, all ancillary controls are accessed from a one-touch command tablet.

As a result, it is easier and safer for the driver to control the vehicle.

Specifically, the Royal Navy and the CIHEHF were commissioned to see how operatives undertook tasks using the current fleet. 

Additionally, they investigated how the design and ergonomics influenced actions and behaviours.

Joe Incutti, Kier Highways group manging director, was delighted with the new traffic management truck. 

“We believe these traffic management vehicles are the next generation of fleet that increase safety. 

“Also, they improve the welfare of operatives by reducing the amount of time spent working on the rear.

Concluding, Incutti said: “We will also be reviewing alternative fuels that will meet our 2030 net zero ambitions when available.”

A video of the truck can be found here: