An over the air update feature has been introduced by Iveco to make drivers’ lives easier.

The update is related to the Iveco On digital services and enables customers to update their truck’s software remotely.

Therefore, they are able to save time by not visiting a workshop.

In addition, they will have the peace of mind that their system is fully up to date at all times. 

The update will be available to all S-Way trucks (pictured) that are fitted with a connectivity box.

Iveco says that the over the air update will also ensure that fleet managers are kept up to date.

Updates can be completed anywhere and only take a few minutes, according to the truck maker.

Therefore, rest stops during a shift or while on a break at the depot are ideal opportunities.

“We are constantly looking at ways to make our drivers’ and fleet managers’ life easier,” said Thomas Hilse, brand president, Iveco. 

“The new Iveco over the air update makes it very easy to update the vehicles’ software.” 

Firstly, drivers who wish to update their systems need to ensure they are an Iveco On user with a registered account. 

Secondly, they then have to wait for a notification of a software update to be installed.

Finally, they can download and install it using the truck’s infotainment system or the Easy Way mobile app.

Importantly, the system will look for the update and begin the procedure. 

Iveco says the process is ‘as simple as updating a mobile device’.