On International Women’s Day, Iveco is telling the story of three women from the transport sector. 

The trio all come from different backgrounds but all share a passion for trucks and the industry. In a video they share their dreams and talk about the obstacles and prejudices they have faced. 

In addition, they tell the story of how they have fought for recognition in their chosen field of work. 

Firstly, there’s Judith Ehrmann, a mechanic with Team Schwabentruck, which competes in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. 

She is responsible for getting lead pilot Steffi Halm’s truck race ready and drives the team’s Iveco S-Way service truck. 

The second testimonial comes from Lorella Della Torre, currently a sales manager for an Italian Iveco dealer. 

She tells the story of how she has earned respect over her 30-year career with both colleagues and customers. 

“In the 1980s, when I started working in sales, the role of saleswoman didn’t exist, so I created it,” she said. 

Finally on International Women’s Day, there is Oti Cabadas, who has spent years behind the wheel of Iveco Stralis trucks. 

“People see it as just another vehicle, but for us it’s our home,” she explained. 

“In this job you make many sacrifices, but I find it fulfilling and I get a lot out of it,” she added. 

Luca Sra, chief operating officer Iveco Truck Business Unit, stated that women are underrated in the transport industry.

“We wanted to celebrate their contribution and their determination to succeed in their chosen profession,” he said. 

“The three women share a deep-rooted passion for their career, which has driven them to break with stereotypes.”