It’s a gas for TNT artics

TNT Post has converted 80 of its 120 trucks – and its entire fleet of artics – to run on gas after signing a record-breaking deal with Prins Autogas UK.

The deal represents one of the single biggest orders for HGVs to be converted to an alternative fuel in Europe.

TNT Post said it chose Southampton-based Prins to fit the technology, claimed to save money and lower carbon emissions, after forecasts suggested the delivery company would benefit from an annual net saving of 8-10 per cent on fuel costs by ditching diesel and using gas.

Conversions started in January 2013 and were completed by April 2013.

TNT Post trialled the system for 12 months, where it compared the gas-fitted truck with a standard vehicle. Further analysis was also undertaken at Bedfordshire’s Millbrook testing facility.

“TNT Post UK gave Prins the opportunity to prove DieselBlend LPG on its Renault Premium 460 HGVs for reliability and savings, and we passed with flying colours,” said Will Putter, commercial director, Prins Autogas UK.

Dean Hulse, transport director at TNT Post UK, added: “This is a great step forward and we are very excited by the evidence from the trial.
“We are delighted to be shrinking our carbon footprint and saving money.”