FORS is urging operators to raise their awareness of drink and drug awareness.

The organisation is asking senior staff to be extra vigilant when it comes to managing drug and alcohol impairment. 

FORS recognises that the past 18 months have been very difficult for those in the transport sector.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that drivers and fleet managers can spot the signs of impairment.

In addition, they need to know the best ways to address them effectively.

 The definition of impairment is: ‘the deterioration of an individual’s judgement and a decrease in the person’s physical ability’. 

As a result, drivers and technicians could put fleets at risk through drink and drug impairment.

Therefore, FORS Associate, OdiliaClark, is hosting an informative webinar on the subject.

The event will take place on 31st August. 

Specifically, it will look at how operators and drivers can more effectively manage drink and drug impairment issues. 

Furthermore, it will investigate the impact of drugs and alcohol on their business.

 A wide range of issues will be covered in the webinar. 

For example, crucial topics such as managing the risk of drug and alcohol impairment. 

In addition, the organisational culture surrounding drink and drug impairment will be discussed.

Meanwhile, research shows the substance misuse challenge facing the UK’s employers.

For instance, alcohol alone accounts for 167,000 missed working days a year. 

Furthermore, it costs £7.3bn in lost revenues due to low productivity. 

Paul Wilkes, FORS business services manager, called the issue “an unfortunate challenge” for operators.

“The FORS Standard requires that members have a drug and alcohol  procedure in place,” he said. 

“That includes actions to take on suspecting driver impairment due to drugs or alcohol. 

“Therefore, I would urge operators to look carefully at these procedures”.

Register for the webinar here.